Peace by Piece

With each delicious Morsel, may you find Peace and sink into sweet bliss!

Morsels Baking has grown through the last few years and established itself as a local bakery of Wilkesboro NC.  Currently creating confections per order!  Whether you have a craving for pillowy soft French Macarons, need to have sweets for an office meeting,or need a custom cake creation for your upcoming event, Morsels Baking has you covered!

Macarons Pack (12 psc.)


Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

$18 /dozen

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Morsels is known to create a wide variety of desserts, pastries and confections that meet the need of your party, your event, or just your sweet tooth!

Still, several items have long been held as fan favorites!

French Macarons

Pillow soft Macarons are sweet little bites of heaven, made of egg whites and almond flour. These cookies are filled with creams and preserves which makes eating them an experience in itself!

Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies!

A Classic, like you've never had them.  Chewy, gooey, and full of chocolate chips!

Pound cakes

Pound Cakes are crowd pleasers and subtle works of art.  Five Flavor Pound Cake is a fan favorite!

Nutella Brownies

How can a Brownie be all things amazing in one?  Tall, fudgy, chewy, crunchy, flaky, cakey...  the secret is a Nutella fudge folded in!  Not so much "Nutella flavored" but absolutely everything a Brownie should be and more!


Eat Cake.  Look at Cake.


Mini cakes... Big impact


Good to the last Morsel

Pastries, Etc

Breakfast Treats, Mildly sweet, Breads, and all things that make you coffee break feel like Paradise!

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Morsels started as local and tries to support local. 

As seasonal items are available, Morsels aims to use the freshest, local products possible!


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I have been baking since I could walk and stand next to the kitchen counter as my mother baked.

She joked I only came to watch so I could sneak a finger full of the batter when she turned away (TRUE!) but in fact I was fascinated by the idea that you could put a few random items from the pantry in a bowl, and an hour later... you have cake!

This fascination coupled with a love of creating beautiful things led to a deep rooted passion.

Just a fewCustomer Testimonials

"You did an amazing job and Amelia loved it!  The detail was outstanding and we actually hated to cut it.  Thanks for being so easy to work with.  I will definitely use you again"

Marina Brannock

"Phenomenal baker... and she delivers.  Amazing sweet treats! You've got to check her out! Some of my favs are Italian cream cake, chocolate chip cookies, key lime bars and omgosh the macarons are sinful."

Patricia Billings

"Adrian, I wanted to let you know that the strawberry cake you did for my sister, Sandi, was scrumptious! Also, hats off to your cinnamon cheesecake squares!! I scarfed that down at the coffee shop last week!! Your desserts are top of the line!!

Kandice Minton


Adrian Boles, Owner, Baker

+1 (910) 585-11111

Wilkesboro, NC

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